October 30, 2012

Skyscape painting...

Skyscape I
(39x22cm on Rives BFK paper)

Another primary color skyscape...

At first felt skeptical about the result but finally I like the few very white tops of the clouds and the feeling of perspective at the far end... made during lesson with my students to show one possibility out of billions.

October 20, 2012

Figures and more figures...

I managed to do a figure drawing session yesterday, but I forgot to bring my brushes. I had left them on the table at home. I got to stick to pencil sketches. This session I go to now, is only with quite short poses, that's what I prefer when drawing small.
In my new drawing lesson, I'm told to leave out the shadows... and the faces... I'm going to explore that but it's still too tempting to mark them when nobody is around watching. My line alone is supposed to give the three dimensional volume. It should do that anyway, in any case. Even though I then could wonder why stick to that old fashioned rule? Maybe it's more interesting to do a really flat line? I'll think about that option, anything is worth a try.

October 15, 2012

My Moleskine today...

I had an appointment near Musée Guimet this morning, and I decided to make the most out of this monday morning. The national museum of Asian arts has a beautiful collection, I'll just have to go back there and bring something to sit on, so many inspiring objects to draw...

October 12, 2012

Figure drawing session today...

Quick sketches of today while I was working in a new way of drawing... at least in my head, I'm not sure it shows yet though. It might be a longer process so I hope it will notice in some time, if I manage to continue this direction.
I would have liked to use more color on the drawing with the man, but time was out, session over, so I had to stop. I think it's fine to have lines of pencil showing when the watercolor is light or loosely rendered as many times with watercolor sketches.

October 08, 2012

My watercolor sketchbook...

Told myself to do small but regular watercolors again, in the sketchbook I prefer. I have to find this paper in bigger sheets. I'll definitely start a new research, the same I abandoned a few months ago. 

October 06, 2012

My Moleskine today...

I'll have to bring my Moleskine along more frequently again... for the fun of it.
Even though my new teacher in drawing (with figure) thinks that "all figurative art and perspectives have no reasons to exist nowadays. It's supposed to be over". This is normal we are in France, where they think the profound knowledge of drawing is of no use. I like figurative art and I think it should live along with the abstract art. There is no reason they shouldn't.
Figurative art focuses more on what surrounds us, while the abstract art expresses the artist mostly. Even if he might be in connection with what he's watching, it's more "his art and himself" he ends up showing. Rather that telling things about others or about his environment he talks about himself. Of course this is just one idea of it and the borders and lines are thin between the two.
I like abstract art too, just believe they can live side by side.
Well, for me there are still things to discover in figurative art... I might go abstract after that.

Now, 10th of october, after another session with my new teacher... I'm already convinced that his teaching will modify my way of drawing. Part of what he says I've experienced already... I just have to use it in another way. But I still believe it's a little silly to say that figurative expression, perspectives and shadow indications are not of this era. I'm sure all is not said about those points either. Everything hasn't been told in all ways possible yet! That's nonsense. It has just been a hundred years, a little more, since art started it's "revolution". So, let's invent new stuff!! Well, I let you all help me to do so, as my evolution might be a little slow.

October 04, 2012

Watercolor and good news...

This is a watercolor I did for a "special occasion" a few weeks ago...
I just got the news it passed the first selection for an exhibition; "II Bienal international de nuevas técnicas en acuarela" of Caudete, Spain.
It's painted on a sheet of "polypropylène", it's named Lanavanguard of the brand Lana.
Now I just have to wait and see what happens next... and forget about it until then.